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Attention Businesses!

How long do your newspaper and direct mail ads stay in circulation?

The Wabash Regional Directory has a circulation life of one year! 29,000 Copies circulated to Residents and business customers in the Wabash Regional Area.

The Wabash Regional Telephone Directory

Serving Area Code 618:
Albion, Allendale, Bellmont, Berryville, Bible Grove, Blood, Bone Gap, Boyleston, Browns, Calhoun, Cisne, Claremont, Clay City, Cowling, Crisp, Dundas, Ellery, Enterprise, Fairfield, Flora, Friendsville, Gallagher, Gards Point, Geff, Golden Gate, Grayville, Hord, Ingraham, Johnsonville, Keenes, Keenesburg, Lancaster, Louisville, Maud, Merriam, Mt. Carmel, Mr. Erie, Noble, Olney, Orchardville, Oskaloosa, Parkersburg, Passport, Patton, Rinard, Rochester, Sailor Springs, Samsville, Schnell, Sims, Stringtown, Wayne City, Wendlin, West Salem, Wynoose, and Xenia

Including Listings for Area Code 618:
Alma, Barnhill, Brubaker, Burnt Prairie, Farina, Kinmundy, Omega, Selmaville, Tonti, and West Liberty

Area Code 217:
Dieterich, Elliottstown, Gila, Montrose, and Wheeler

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Call our representatives 1-888-520-2093
Premise Representative: John Fairhurst
Phone Representatives:  Judy Eaton

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Wabash Telephone

P.O. Box 299
210 S. Church
Louisville, IL 62858
Phone: 618.665.3311
or 800.228.9824
Fax: 618.665.4188

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